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Steps after acceptance

Accepted Online

Articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted, but not yet copy-edited (proof), are published online through our Accepted Online feature. At this stage supporting information cannot be published online and articles are published the way they are, without further embellishment.


After editorial review and acceptance, the manuscript is sent to the Publisher. The corresponding author will receive an e-mail alert to download a PDF file of the proof. Adobe Reader or similar PDF viewer will be required in order to read this file. This will enable the file to be opened, read on screen and corrected/commented directly on it. Further instructions will be sent with the proof. Changes to the manuscript at this stage should not exceed 5% of the total (extra changes will be at a cost).

Early View

Physiologia Plantarum is covered by Wiley’s Early View service. Early View articles are complete copy edited full-text articles published online ahead of print. Articles are therefore available as soon as they are ready, rather than having to wait for the next scheduled print issue. Early View articles are complete and final. They have been fully reviewed, revised and edited for publication, and the authors’ final corrections have been incorporated. Because the articles are in final form, no changes can be made after online publication. The nature of Early View articles means that they do not yet have volume, issue or page numbers, so Early View articles cannot be cited in the traditional way. They are therefore given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which allows the article to be cited and tracked before it is allocated to an issue. After print publication, the DOI remains valid and can continue to be used to cite and access the article.


Corresponding authors will receive via e-mail PDF offprints of their paper, with web-optimised figures, free of charge. Printed copies with high-resolution figures may be ordered at prices quoted on the order form, which accompanies proofs, provided that the form is returned with the proofs. The cost is more if the order form arrives too late for the main print run. Printed offprints are normally dispatched within three weeks of publication of the issue in which the paper appears. These will be charged in GBP by Wiley.