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Fees and copyright

Fees and privileges

Physiologia Plantarum has no page limit and no fee per pages. It is however in the interest of the authors to focus their papers. Verbose manuscripts will be returned with a request for condensation.

Physiologia Plantarum offers authors free colour-online service, where colour figures are published on the journal website free of charge. In addition, the journal offers 3 colour figures free of charge in the printed version, provided the colour is deemed necessary by the Editor. Subsequent printed colour figures will be chargeable (4th figure 150£, subsequent figures 50£ each). A Colour Work Agreement form must be submitted to the Publisher before the manuscript can be published (see p.31).


With OnlineOpen, the authors pay a fee to ensure that the article is made freely available upon publication via Wiley Online Library. Authors choosing OnlineOpen will retain copyright of their articles and will be offered a choice of creative commons licenses (full list of terms and conditions).

Authors that wish to send their paper OnlineOpen will be required to complete the payment form.

The decision to publish OnlineOpen can be taken before or after paper acceptance. OnlineOpen articles are treated in the same way as any other article. They go through the journal’s standard peer-review process and will be accepted or rejected based on their own merit.


Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that the work has not been published before, is not being considered for publication elsewhere and has been read and approved by all authors. However, the journal will consider for review articles previously available as preprints on non-commercial servers such as ArXiv, bioRxiv, psyArXiv, SocArXiv, engrXiv, etc. Authors may also post the submitted version of their manuscript to non-commercial servers at any time. Authors are requested to update any pre-publication versions with a link to the final published article.

An article cannot be published until the publisher has received the appropriate signed license agreement. Once the article has been received by Wiley for production the corresponding author will receive an e-mail from Wiley’s Author Services system which will ask them to log in and will present the appropriate license for completion.

After submission authors will retain the right to publish their manuscript in various media/circumstances and authors should take particular note that the Society licenses to them:

  1. Authors of articles published in Wiley journals are permitted to self-archive the submitted (preprint) version of the article at any time on their personal website or in their institution’s/employer’s institutional repository or archive. The version posted must contain a legend as follows: This is the pre-peer-reviewed version of the following article: FULL CITE, which has been published in final form at [Link to final article].

The Author may not update the submitted version or replace it with the published paper. Self-archiving of the accepted version is subject to an embargo period of 12 months.

  1. The right to transmit, print and share copies with colleagues.

For their full rights concerning re-use of the accepted or final published versions, authors should consult the copyright form. Permission to reuse copyrighted materials can be obtained via the article’s abstract page on the journal’s website.

Researcher (‘peer-to-peer’) sharing

Wiley is making this new service available for three distinct groups – researchers, authors and the media. Content sharing on Wiley Online Library will provide a seamless way for researchers to collaborate and for the public to access research findings featured in the media. It provides authors and researchers that subscribe to Wiley with a simple tool for sharing free-to-read full-text articles with individuals who do not have access without infringing copyright.

Researcher (‘peer-to-peer’) sharing is available to readers and researchers who have full-text access to articles via Wiley Online Library through a special sharing link on the article page.  Recipients will view an online PDF version of the article, provided by ReadCube. If the sharing link is shared with an individual in an institution buying content from us they will see an unrestricted view of the ePDF and we will include the full-text view in the institution’s usage reports. If the sharing link is accessed by an individual who does NOT have access to the content, they will see a restricted full text view of the article.  They will not be able to print or download it.