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Do you want to compose a special issue?

Physiologia Plantarum has the custom to publish special issues, gathering reviews and original research articles on a specific topic. Those issues are usually organised by our editor-in-chief and special editors as a follow-up of conferences. They represent a snap-shot of the current research in a particular area.

Usually does not mean that it has to! We highly encourage every researcher to subject their ideas to the editor-in-chief and help organize the issue. What will be your task? Thanks to your network, you will be in charge of inviting about 20 research groups to write about their latest research, the latest technic they develop or a minireview on the matter. These articles will be subjected to peer review and a special issue will be created after acceptance of 10-15 of them. You will oversee the whole process and be a guest editor to assist subject editors in their work.

For the authors, being published in a special issue offers multiple benefits. First, it increases their visibility as they are strengthened by all the other articles on the same theme published simultaneously. Special Issues have a higher citation rate. Second, it also increases their accessibility as all articles are open access. Last, the publication is free of charge.

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